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Ideas, Words, Idea Swords

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Ideas, Words, Idea Swords

We craft language to be clear and effective. We help develop effective messages, using semantic and typographic principles, leading to strong brand positioning and clear, focused identity in all media. We help creative, management, and IT teams learn to communicate for effective project development. We help decision-makers write Requests for Proposals (RFPs) and evaluate prospective vendors for Content Management Systems and web development.

Have you read your website lately?

Semantic Strategies, Type & Meaning

Our semantic consulting provides the benefit of over fifteen years of experience in the development of powerful and memorable brand and corporate identity, including domain names, mission statements, copy direction and editorial direction.

Typographic and design analysis assists in the review and fine-tuning of your visual identity, and we will work with your design team to help maintain a focussed clear identity throughout all media and marketing.

Our portfolio of high-profile names has included:,,,,,,,,,, etc.

Products, concepts, services, and companies all benefit from unique, memorable names on the web. Well-crafted language is the key to direct communication with your reader, your customer, your client.

We have consulting and training clients in the US and Europe and collaborate with top development teams for Content Management solutions.

What is

We help creative directors and decision makers to transcend cultural communication issues with information technology teams. We can act as an interpreter, sitting with all parties to make sure that jargon and acronyms do not derail productive processes, helping to assure that web projects are done on time and on budget.

Web technology is constantly developing and changing, and prospective service vendors can ramp up the jargon-filled marketing. We help you define your essential requirements and craft a definitive RFP to present to vendors as a blueprint of your needs and expectations. We'll sit down with you in your meetings with service providers, ask the important questions and translate the tech and marketing lingo into the language of business and mission solutions.

After vendors present their proposals, we sit down with you to evaluate each one to make sure the services proposed are a perfect fit to your needs, crafting requests for more specifics if needed. We review contracts for 'best practice" guarantees, and give you the confidence to move ahead with complex web projects and transitions.

Web strategy, design and consulting clients include

Organic Valley Family of Farms

We worked with OV's top management and marketing executive teams to craft messaging, design visual assets, manage server strategy, and eventually transition the entire web presence into a modern CMS framework
(Consulting client 2002-2007, references available)

SlowPrint Letterpress Studio

From its inception in 2007, our strategy has moved Slowprint's Google PageRank up to 5/10 and organic search results place the site at the top (#1 or 2) in its targeted term market ("letterpress business cards") well above far more established competitors.
(Consulting client 2007-2014, ongoing)

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Semiotx Mission

We help you develop and manage your message through design planning and strategic branding on the web and in social media.

Stryder Thompkins

Principal, CTSG:
"Peter's work on our project was thorough and detail oriented, but he always kept the big picture in mind -- it is all about a successful user experience. He was passionate about the purpose of the project and steered the technical aspects expertly. I hope we can work on another project together some day!"

Greg Brickl

Interactive Marketing Manager, Organic Valley

"Semiotx founder Peter Fraterdeus provided a broad range of services to Organic Valley's interactive marketing team between 2002 and 2007, including content development, graphic design/typography, systems administration, application development, database administration, application/technology RFP development, vendor/technology selection, and more.

"We relied heavily on Peter's extensive levels of knowledge and experience in all things interactive, which helped us move our online marketing practices into the 21st century." 

ICANN Notice

May 24, 2017

As an OpenSRS Domain Reseller we adhere to the ICANN Rights and Responsibilities

Please see the 2016 Domain Transfer Policies, and revised Registration Agreement.

All our domain services are offered solely under the terms established therein.

Your use of these services will indicate your acceptance and agreement to the terms.

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