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Galena Design Center

Galena Center for Design

A not-for-profit dedicated to improving the visual environment, and visual education. We offer design review and advice to non-profit and commercial clients. Founded in 1999 by Peter Fraterdeus, Galena

Galena Design Center, Inc. is an Illinois not-for-profit corporation. Please support the GDC's current project, the preservation of SlowPrint.

Please see the official announcement

and the fundraising link at

This fine-art Letterpress Studio will be relocated to become the permanent "SlowPrint Residency Studio" at the Hamilton Wood Type and Printing Museum in Two Rivers, Wisconsin. Funds are needed for the move, operations and to acquire the assets from the current shareholding partner(s).

About Galena Center for Design

Do you think visual clutter is a problem in the commercial environment? Signs, and architectural lettering surround us every waking moment. Shouldn't we be concerned with their quality and characteristics?

GCD Founder Peter Fraterdeus offers initial design consultation and review for not-for-profits and other organizations. The coherence of typographic and design elements creates an identity distinct from the language and words presented. Good design choices can make a start-up organization seem like a sure bet, whereas poor design can make it look amateurish and doomed to failure.

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