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Semiotx Mission

We help you develop and manage your message through design planning and strategic branding on the web and in social media.

Stryder Thompkins
Principal, CTSG:

 "Peter's work on our project was thorough and detail oriented, but he always kept the big picture in mind -- it is all about a successful user experience. He was passionate about the purpose of the project and steered the technical aspects expertly. I hope we can work on another project together some day!"


Greg Brickl

 Interactive Marketing Manager, Organic Valley

"Semiotx founder Peter Fraterdeus provided a broad range of services to Organic Valley's interactive marketing team between 2002 and 2007, including content development, graphic design/typography, systems administration, application development, database administration, application/technology RFP development, vendor/technology selection, and more.

"We relied heavily on Peter's extensive levels of knowledge and experience in all things interactive, which helped us move our online marketing practices into the 21st century."


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Do you have a web strategy?

4D Process : Discover, Design, Develop, Deploy | Cloud Computing : Secure, Scalable & Strategic | Google’s Enterprise Tools: G+, Docs, Mail | Open Source Web Content Management Systems (CMS) | Brand Strategy & Analysis
Hello Dubuque!

We believe that Design is far more than mere decoration. It doesn't matter what your website looks like, if it's effectively invisible. Web strategy aims to raise your online profile, and make your site instantly visible via the search process, as well as crafting a brand marketing plan which highlights the web presence in traditional media.

Web Strategy Consulting incorporates the symbolic process of

highlighting essential elements of the client’s branding,

a linguistic process of refining specific language which

drives search engine and other organic traffic to the target web site,

and optimized coding techniques which streamline the ability of search-engines to scan the site.

We also offer targeted network marketing for our clients, seeking out optimal placements for ads on active blogs, and social networking sites.

Finally, we incorporate Google Analytics into each site, so that you can track the effectiveness of your Web Strategy.

We use open-source Content Management Systems (WordPress, Plone) to deploy our client’s strategic web presence, bringing security, flexibility and world-class best-of-breed features to every site we develop.

Content managed websites give you complete ownership of the content on the site.

Your team can edit copy, add photos and images, links, etc, whenever you like, with complete confidence

and the ability to publish or rollback all your changes.

A critical part of a strategic web plan, our content-managed, cloud-hosted sites naturally provide best practices in search engine optimization by the very nature of the way they are structured. All code is developed within a proven framework, and tested thoroughly for adherence to industry standards.

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Semiotics (sem-ee-ah’-tiks), a branch of linguistics, is the study of meaning and symbols.

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